Episode 0313-Feedback for “6955 kHz”

Nov 17, 2010 | 5 comments

In this episode, we discuss the awesome feedback we received for the Fringe episode, “6955 kHz.” We really have some great ideas that were called in from some first time callers and some regular contributors. Thanks to everyone who sent in feedback or answered our Twinge question.

Send in your thoughts and theories to 304-837-2278 or feedback@thefringepodcast.com

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  1. edward bossard

    here is a theory that just came to me while watching this episode 3 times. The first people were wiped out billion of years ago…maybe the vaccum made them go to the other universe. That is why the red universe wants the blue universe to go away. The plan now is for peter to put the machine together and destroy the blue universe on his own. the red universe was able to travel to the blue side and populated that side. now the red universe feels threatened. now the yellow side is the watchers and they are the real first people.

  2. IHardy (jedipencil)

    Great podcasts as usual, Darrell and Clint! For the record, I still think that Peter is playing Olivia, is totally stringing her along. He may be a bit slow, (and completely underhanded for doing the nasty with Fauxlivia, but I guess that’s testosterone for ya… lol …) But Peter is a… what was he? A dealer or something like that? He knows. Perhaps he wants to know why she took Olivia’s place and what Alter-Walter really wants. Just my thoughts. Millions of thanks for the podcasts!! 🙂

  3. IHardy (jedipencil)

    Well… now I’m confuzzled. He can’t possibly not know! But it looks like he didn’t. But he must know. Argh.

  4. Bonita

    Re: Olivia being pulled back.. I think she “phases” so that she is partially here and partially there. Enough of her must remain that can be grabbed. She just has to get strong enough to phase fully and remain so.

  5. Mekong77

    Fringe is offically moving to Friday’s at 9pm starting with the Jan. 28th return. This could either be really good or really, really bad…

    Unfortunately the latter seems to be more plausible unless they retain their entire Thursday audience on Fridays.

    Ugggg… what a way to end the week!


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