Episode 0242-Feedback for “Brown Betty”

May 4, 2010 | 3 comments

In this episode we discuss a broad range of feedback we received for the Fringe episode, “Brown Betty.” This was a very polarizing episode; many people loved it, and many people hated it. Some have even said they will never watch Fringe again. We also discuss who was the best dressed, best singer and best actor of the episode in our TWINGE segment.

Send in your thoughts and theories to 3040-837-2278 or feedback@thefringepodcast.com

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  1. Inkblood

    Guys! I love the episode recap! How could you?

  2. Art Pennington (team_csg on twitter)

    Getting caught up on the podcast. Just a few observations on Brown Betty and a prediction for season 3.

    Remember, Walter uses hallucinogenic drugs to self-medicate in order to try to fill in the memories that he lost. This episode had many obvious and no-so obvious references to the all Fringe episodes to this point.

    The picture of John Scott in the opening, and Olivia looking at it with resentment. Is that Olivia hating John Scott, or Anna Torv closing her brief marriage to Mark Valley?

    The giant suppository that crashed into the house. reference to the season one episode that introduced the Observers.

    Olivia being thrown into a box and then thrown into the ocean… Reference to Olivia being in the sensory deprivation tank that happened several times during season one. (Patty from Canadia caught that one)

    Did not see Charlie or Agent Jessup references (bad and good).

    Now a prediction for the end of this season and season three.

    If you look at the poster that was released at the start of this season, there were many references to ‘Alice in Wonderland’ . I believe that Peter will end up ‘going down the rabbit hole’ and end up in the alternate universe. (I also believe the secretary is William Bell, remember we need to keep balance between the universes)

    Season three will be set entirely in the alternate universe. Peter will meet the alternate versions of everyone. Walter and Olivia prime will be spending the season trying to get him back.

  3. IHardy

    I think the secretary is either William Bell or the alternate Mr Jones (did I get the name right) I cannot believe such a perfect evil dude is out fo the picture for always. Did we ever find out who Mr Jones REALLY works for?

    I cannot believe the Man on the Bridge was Walter because it is who we’d expect it to be. I don’t have ideas on who it was yet, but right or wrong I’m saying it’s not Walter. We may not yet have met everyone either.


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