Episode 0241-“Brown Betty”

May 2, 2010 | 4 comments

In this episode we sing (not really) all of our thoughts about the Fringe episode, “Brown Betty.” We break down what we thought was good, what was bad, and what portions of this episode might actually be considered Fringe canon. We discuss the noir look and feel, costuming, singing, lighting and the use of musical talent.

Send in your thoughts and theories to feedback@thefringepodcast.com or 304-837-2278.

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  1. angela

    While I applaud FRINGE for trying something “different”, I really did not enjoy this episode. It had several parts that were humorous and a bit campy….not a problem, very good in fact, but the problem seem to come from the moments in the show, where the show couldn’t decide what it wanted to be….campy, fun, musical…or FRINGE as normal.

    For me this made the show feel very half-hearted. If they had gone with larger musical numbers, where it really felt like an actual musical, that would have at least been entertaining. And since they underplayed the musical number, the entertainment value was choppy and meager.

    Another negative was that the story did not seem to progress. Perhaps time will change this perception.

    Very nice “picture” of Walter and Peter sharing “one glass heart” at the end….but not strong enough to save the episode form me. *2 glass heart rating*

  2. Inkblood

    Yeah, angela, I have to agree. It was a nice little story, but there was no progression.

  3. Slvrshard

    I was confused with this episode. I am not a big fan of that time period or of musicals so they were starting in a hole with me from the get go. I can’t say I hated it though which is what confused me, I should have hated it.

    I did think it was weird for Rachel to be so involved in Walters story when shes been non-existent for so long. And I am still trying to decide if there is anything true about Nina and Bell being in love, but I sort of like that better than the Nina/Broyles option.

    If nothing else this episode gave them an easy way not having to give Joshua Jackson a day off!

  4. AssuredGrave

    Re the PJ’s, i believe they were supposed to be Peters as they were at the house he was staying at!


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