Episode 0239-”The Man From the Other Side”

Apr 26, 2010 | 8 comments

In this episode we discuss the many revelations and developments from the Fringe episode “The Man From the Other Side.” We share our thoughts about the secretary, shape shifters, Newton’s device, Peter’s new knowledge, & Elizabeth’s suicide.

Send in your thoughts and theories to 304-837-2278 or feedback@thefringepodcast.com.

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  1. IHardy

    Great podcast, Darrell and Clint! Enjoyed listening to the theories on who that man on the bridge was. Walked like Walter, but I’m leaning towards William Bell… Awesome choice for the show ending tune! Now you just need a reason to play “Dude Looks Like A Lady”… lol (best chair-dance-while-you-work ever)

  2. Inkblood

    I agree with you guys; i have no sympathy for Walter. He put it off after all this time.

  3. Inter-dimensional Dave

    Clint and Darrell,

    I have an early entry to your name the alternate character contest. For Olivia Dunham I submit to you, “Virginia Grey”. In episode 5 of HBO’s “The Pacific” Anna Torv played movie starlet Virginia Grey. As our Olivia Dunham is chaste, sweet and demure Miss Grey is, well, not. Perfect for an alternate universe. But if you don’t want to tarnish your image of Olivia Dunham then I would suggest you avoid the “Grey” performance. I know I am still blushing.

  4. ModernGal

    Virginia Grey? You should have seen her in “Mistresses” – raging Lesbian… and not from Lesbos, Greece.

  5. Inter-dimensional Dave


    Really?! I must say ms. Torv is fearless. She did plant a kiss on a stripper during the season one episode “Bad Dreams”. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Thanks for the info. (I’m still blushing however.)

  6. IHardy

    Ha… forgot about “Bad Dreams”. That was quite an episode for Ms. Torv. Actually, Olivia reminds me a little bit of the character Nikita from the tv series some years ago. But Olivia has a bigger heart.

  7. Inkblood

    Wow, guys.
    I just looked at a trailer for “Mistresses”-forever scarred.
    I like to keep a nice image of the actresses in my favorite shows, but *shudder*. That was a little to much for me. No offence to lesbians- do what you want, just not where I can see it.

  8. Inter-dimensional Dave

    OMTL!!! Why did you even go there Inky??? (Sorry IB I couldn’t resist your signature TL reference.)


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