Episode 0234-Feedback for ”Peter”

Apr 7, 2010 | 5 comments

In this episode we discuss the feedback we received for the Fringe episode, “Peter.” We received a tremendous amount of excellent feedback from our regular contributors as well as some fresh faces. We discuss things like the possiblity that September is a poor observer, what happened to the Alter-Bishops when Peter was stolen, and what might happen the rest of the season.

Send in your theories and feedback to 304-837-2278 or feedback@thefringepodcast.com.

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  1. Rob from Orlando

    Hey guys,
    Looks like the link for the Feedback for Peter is pointing to the feedback for Jacksonville.

    0228 instead of 0234

    Just thought you should know.

  2. Rob from Orlando

    Sorry I meant the link to download the episode.

  3. priscillasm

    Can anyone tell me in which ep was stated that Peter’s mom is dead ?
    I can’t recall :-/

    Amazing ep, Amazing podcast 😀

    Please, keep up the amazing work C & D !


    • mardarrell

      It was mentioned as Walter is driving the station wagon at the beginning of “The Bishop Revival.” Walter is talking about Peter’s mother and he says, “God rest her soul.”

  4. Sister Pat

    I haven’t heard anyone wondering about how they think Walter is going to explain alter-Peter, considering there’s a grave that bears his name. Just how do you have a resurrection like that? Interesting timing on Holy Thursday . . . right before Easter, don’t you think?


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