Episode 0217-”Snakehead”

Dec 7, 2009 | 2 comments

In this episode we discuss the Fringe episode “Snakehead.” Although this was a standalone episode we enjoyed the episode because of some unique features and character development. Clint discusses intestinal parasites in our Science of Tomorrow segment and Patty throws out some new theories in her Random Thoughts from Canadia segment.

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Links mentioned in this podcast:

Purging Intestinal Worms as a source of disease

Using light to paralyze worms

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  1. Mashu

    I dont think this is a stand alone episode, but a hint at a much bigger “pattern” that is affecting the world. This is the third example, this season, of a Dr. that has pushed his science to the Fringe… lol… which leads upto the “final solution”. I say final solution because we have pieces to this puzzel, but i think we’re seeing maybe a corner to the whole picture.

  2. Neal LeMoine

    I really liked some of the character development in this episode. You begin to see a real attachment between Astrid and Walter. I know in earlier episodes he took her for granted and couldn’t get her name right. We also see Walter trying to become more independent but comes to the realization of his own short comings and how this may affect others – OMG he’s beginning to show signs of responsiblity – our mad scientist is growing up.


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